Our Story

It all started with a conversation.

After graduating from Babson College, Aaron Shapiro moved to Connecticut, where he helped build a non-profit focused institutional investment firm as its first employee. During Aaron’s tenure, the firm’s AUM grew from $150 Million to $4 Billion.

While in Connecticut, a family member asked Aaron to help them find a way to save more money. He began to realize that most ESPPs allow employees to make thousands of dollars a year virtually risk-free. Yet, most employees don’t participate in their plan because they can’t afford to have more money deducted from their paycheck. The idea for Carver Edison was born.

Aaron soon ventured back to his hometown, New York City, to begin building a company that helps ordinary employees make more money.

Our Values


We all have a role to play in the innovation we are driving. We must be responsible stewards of that role by being self-starters, independent thinkers and approaching complex matters with thoughtful resolve.

Customer Driven Purpose

We are here for our customers. Without our customers our products have no purpose. Our customers should be top of mind, always. Commercial requirements help us deliver our products to our customers and we must respect the magnitude of our mission.

Find a Way

We are solving complex problems and we are doing things that haven't ever been done before, we must remember that, especially when the answer doesn’t seem obvious, we must persist in our search for a solution. There is always a responsible and ethical solution that will work.

Do The Right Thing

Make Carver Edison a company you're proud of. Create an inclusive environment, go the extra mile, ask the hard questions and always be willing to roll up your sleeves.

Creative Curiosity

Contributing 200% is in our DNA. Our specific path is one which has never been chartered and we must remember that old ways of doing things may not be applicable in our current day-to-day. Getting to where we are going requires a deep intellectual curiosity and a focused commitment.

Be All-In

Our customers bet the livelihood's of their team members on us. We must be able to fully commit ourselves to our work and bet on each other to make sure we always deliver world class results. Communicate clearly, be kind and work hard.

Some Of The Perks

  • Appropriate health benefits
  • Competitive vacation policy
  • Company sponsored lunches
  • Healthy snacks and drinks
  • Competitive compensation
  • Employee-friendly equity plan
  • Retirement benefits
  • Commuter benefits
  • Paid parental leave policy
  • Endless cups of coffee
  • Flexible work hours
  • Company outings
  • Customized workstation

Join Us

We've built a team of extraordinary people who have never shied away from a tough project and who, quite simply, don’t give up. Each of us has a deep and personal connection to our mission.

For us, it's about the convergence of everything leading up to this moment which has brought us here where we can contribute our all. If you get that, you’re in the right place.