A New Generation

By Carver Edison
November 2019

There has never been a time like this for America.

Yes, volatility and business cycles are an important part of healthy financial markets, but this time is very different. Countries have sealed their borders, sectors have collapsed, and millions face an uncertain economic future.

For decades, companies have offered financial products as part of their benefits package to help employees protect against risk (insurance) and build wealth (401k, etc.). The internal teams that make offering these products possible are unsung heroes that navigate unthinkable obstacles to protect people they may never meet.

These products generally work well, except in times like this. In 2008 and now 2020, major economic disruptions have exposed critical design flaws in the financial products the majority of America’s workforce relies on to provide protection in times of uncertainty.

As we look to the future and adjust to this new reality, it’s clear that the era of financial products that fail in times of economic distress is over.

Carver Edison was built to provide financial opportunity to America’s workforce while strengthening corporate balance sheets in both good times and bad. Now more than ever, our team is leveraging our technology to help leading companies protect and educate their employees. This is a tough time. Our team can help. It’s what we’re built to do.

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