Cashless Participation®: Fast Company World Changing Idea 2020

By Carver Edison
April 2020

Fast Company Magazine has named Carver Edison one of the honorees of its World Changing Ideas Awards 2020. We were named as a finalist in the Impact Investing category, with honorable mentions in the Corporate Social Responsibility, General Excellence, and Best World Changing Idea (North America) categories.

Our work building world-changing technology is rooted in our belief that thoughtfully designed financial products can help public companies provide more wealth building opportunity for their employees in a shareholder friendly way.

We do this through our flagship technology, Cashless Participation®. It’s a powerful financial benefit that enables employees to participate in their companies’ stock purchase plans without burdensome payroll deductions.

Employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) allow employees to purchase company stock, usually at a 15% discount. The temporary gain provided by the discount alone is equivalent to a nearly 4% inflation-adjusted annual raise for employees[1]. America’s working class faces strong headwinds when it comes to participating in their company’s stock plan as most employees cannot afford the required payroll deductions, creating yet another barrier to financial security. Cashless Participation helps workers buy more shares for the same out of pocket cost, reducing their risk and delivering greater potential for gain.

By adding Cashless Participation to their ESPPs, companies can directly align the interests of shareholders and management with those of rank and file employees.

All of us at Carver Edison are proud that our technology is being recognized for its potential to change the world. We look forward to continuing to help some of the world’s leading brands and their employees build wealth together.

[1] Carver Edison Research

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